Top 10 Countries Where We Eat The Most Pizzas

The pizza is now the most consumed food in the world. Are you a tourist who loves pizza so much and would like to tour the world for Pizza sake?

1. Norway

Norway is obviously not a country known only for Molje (potato cod) and smoked salmon served with sauces. In fact, it is even the country on the planet that consumes the most pizza per capita, with a record of 13kg per head of pipe … and not only Norwegian pizzas!

2. The United States

The US is definitely the country of quality food. With 13 kg of pizza per capita swallowed every year, Americans are also on the top of the podium. It is estimated that about 350 pieces of pizza are swallowed every second in the country, a trifle of 30 million per day (350 * 60sec * 60min * 24h)! But do not travel to the United States just for pizzas, there are lots of cool places to visit. Stay at the Moonrise Hotel to enjoy the best the country has to offer and enjoy your pizza.

3. Italy

The nation that invented pizza consumes an average of 7.6 kg of margarita and other varieties each year, even though the latter still remains the most consumed. Note in passing that 40{a99f5d7e5db8c67b9fdb79f00842a0cca0f59d2257719c99feebf2d34123ce47} of restaurants in Italy are pizzerias …

4. Canada

With 7.5 kg of pizza swallowed per capita each year, Canadians know how to get well. Even if it happens to them damn merder. As when a restaurant owner decided in 1962 to add slices of pineapple on his pizza, to please – he believed – his Asian customers … This con had created the Hawaiian pizza with the consequences that we know!

5. France

It is slightly better than Eurovision, but we still stay on the street in this ranking of the biggest pizza eaters in the world. The French consume only 5 kg of pizza per capita each year. One-third less than Canadians and Italians and 2.5 times less than Americans and Norwegians! And you find that normal?

6. Spain

Given what they booze, the Spanish must necessarily nibble to hope to mop. In addition to tapas, pizzas have the wind in their sails (even if we try to imagine a slice of pizza at the front of a ship, the peperoni in the wind … and it does not really mean anything!), With 4, 3 kg consumed per inhabitant each year.

7. Germany

Business is business and business is good! Especially when it comes to pizza. 1.3 billion is the turnover achieved in Germany each year by only the so-called fast-food restaurants, which includes the giant Pizza Hut. The American franchise and its 170 pizzerias became in 2017, the first pizza chain in the country. Enough to fill the stomach of the Germans with their 4.2 kg of annual pizza.

8. England

Each Englishman would consume an average of 1 whole pizza every 10 days, or 4kg per year and per capita. Hey, you say it’s not much compared to what you put yourself in the bump. Congratulations, for once you are above average;).

9. Belgium

Belgians consume 3.8kg each year. A little hunger they can fill almost anywhere since, in recent months, pizza vending machines have been installed including stations. The principle: you choose your ingredients and the machine takes care of preparing your order in 3 minutes! We do not know if we want to applaud or run away …

10. Portugal

Admittedly, the Portuguese are not big pizza eaters (3.6 kg per person per year), but they became world pizza champions in 2016 in Italy. Their secret? Recipes with fish, sardines, hams and queijo da serra! At first, not at the same time.

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