Top 4 Reasons Why Malta is a Perfect Mediterranean Holiday Destination

The island of Malta is housed between the Libya and Sicily. Although the island is a house for several towns one of the most popular towns is Sliema. Just like Malta, Sliema is famous for the local food, cuisine, and traditions. The shores of Malta are invaded by the array of various cultures and traditions. Sliema is the place of typical strategic relevance. As the place is the house for Arabs, Roman, French and English people, so that is why invaded by the different traditions and cultures. That is the reason for the amalgamation of different cuisines, drinks, sports, and culture. The best weather and beautiful beaches make the place as the centre of attraction for tourists. Even if you still don’t find any reason for visiting the place then here is the list of the reasons which will force you to visit the place.


The weather of Sliema is neither too cold nor too hot. The weather remains in the average range of 20 to 25 degree Celsius. People visit the island in the summer season but a lot of tourists are being seen in the mid of November also. The place is having the highest sunshine throughout the year in Europe. The sunshine is approximately 3k hours per year and no other city have such great sunshine in the whole year.


The place is known for the best accommodation. One can get the best accommodation at the affordable price in the property market in Malta. It completely depends on the tourists that whether they want to go to the hotels or have the property on rent from the property market in Malta. Both the options are good on their own, so you can choose according to your own needs. But as such, there is no shortage of places in Malta.


Apart from the property market in Malta, Malta has the best food in the whole of Europe. Just like the diversity of the people, culture, and traditions, it has the food which is influenced by the different countries. If you are visiting the place then you must taste the bread ftira which is a local food, Bigilla, Ross il-forn, Timpana, Maltese sausage, Anarchini and Fenek. So all the foods can trigger your taste buds and you would love to have them.


You can travel from one place to another place by air and you don’t have to worry about the number of flights and the price of flights. There is a huge number of flights available all the time which can fly you to the different parts of the world. Not only the availability, the flights in Malta are cheap and you don’t have to worry about the price of the flight.

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