Top 5 Things You Cannot Afford to Miss in Orlando

Orlando, Florida, is the world of wonders, amusement, fun, and leisure. You might have traveled the world, but only here will your adventure ever hit the peak. If you love parks, restaurants museums, and shops, then you will have more than enough for you. And don’t hassle coming down with your vehicle. Enterprise car rental in Orlando has all you need when it comes commuting around town. Here are the top five things you have to experiences in Orlando. Strap on your backpack and tie your shoelaces tight, you are about to experience the fun ride of your lifetime.

Universal’s Islands of Adventure

Coming in at the top is one of the most fantastic adventure destinations for any escapist. If you want somewhere to have it all at once without having to abide by certain tastes or age groups, as is the case in most other parks in town, then this island is where you belong.

What could be more fun than the breathtaking live action shows for the kids, towering theme rides, and immersive simulators to take you to the realm of your favorite movies, oh! And the roller coaster rides for an adrenaline rush too.

Sink into Walt Disney World

Well, it is undeniable that parks always have something to offer when it comes to getting away from realities of life, diving in head-first and having fun like there is no tomorrow. There is virtually no better place to get more than you can ever bargain for than in the world of Walt Disney. Coming with up to four theme parks as Disney Hollywood Studio, Animal Kingdom, Epcot, and the MagicKingdom, the options the fun you can have even in a day is beyond imagination. You can have it mild or wild here, it all boils down to what you have been longing for and you’ve got it.

Embrace nature at Tibet-Butler

If you are a nature lover, you must have had enough of the parks and the noisy crowds by now. Not to worry, Orlando still has more up her sleeve, and she is about taking you on a detour. Buckle up for a stroll of your life into the 440 acres of nature preserve where you can peep into the natural beauty of Florida at its finest. Get up close with ultimate peace, afternoon sun and a shady walk into the quite frontiers; watch the serenity of Lake Tibet-Butler and stretching wetlands as you take a stroll into the realms of nature.

Time for dinner: Dave & Buster’s has to be the place

After sunset, it’s time to hop in at Dave & Buster’s massive entertainment facility. Enjoy the traditional arcade games, and fast forward into the excellent full-service restaurant. And if you are looking for a bit of evening fun, there is a sports bar to take care of that too. Perhaps you still have some more energy for the day, don’t go to bed early.

Take a stroll at the Universal City Walk

This unique entertainment destination will give you every reason to spend your night in style. It will offer as much fun as you would seek for when it comes to dining and having good times, and you will get the opportunity to watch a movie in the IMAX theatre, see the Blue ManGroup, as well as to have a great time in several of the bars and nightclubs around.

Whenever you turn, Orlando will always have something for you. The fun is endless; whether you are looking for a family getaway or out for a romantic trip, this is your next destination. Remember to take some pictures for the memories of a time well spent.

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