Travel to the Heart of Europe – Slovenia and the Vipava Valley

Accommodations in the peaceful heart of Vipava Valley are just perfect for the environment. Only minutes away from Ajdvsona and Vipava, Vipava Valley accomodation includes a Country Style B&B.


Vipava Valley is crafted from wind and sun. Experience the homeliness and hospitality. Choose your favorite activities for outdoors and sample the traditional culinary food. This is unspoiled nature, soil that is fertile, ancestral stores and people who are kind – they are expecting you to visit in the Vipava Valley. No matter the season of the year, Vipava Valley is different all year around.

Heart of Europe

This valley is in Slovenia which is a true gem in Europe’s heart. This central European nation of Slovenia has natural beauty and remains off the radar of most travelers. This area is less than a 10th of the size of the United Kingdom and travelers will find towering mountains, vast caves, lakes that are picture-perfect, fast-running rivers and cities that are elegant.

Days to spare?

If you are in Europe and have only a few days that are empty on your calendar, it is easy to pack in all the major highlights of this wonderful valley.

Lake Bled

If you have only seen one picture of Slovenia, it is of Lake Bled. This is a turquoise lake, with a steepled little church on a tiny islet, set in contrast to the backdrop of gorgeous mountains. Fill your lungs with the fresh air in the mountain as you slide across the lake to the island aboard a traditional pletna or rowing boat or take a swim in the clear water then hike up to the medieval Bled Castle and enjoy these views that are magnificent.

Active types

For those who are active, this area has many hiking trails and other sports such as mountain biking. Or you can go to the perfect Lake Bohini only a short drive away. There are alpine beauty and the perfect place for kayaking, swimming, and hiking.

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