Warming Up in December: Where to Travel to See Sun

1. Auckland

New Zealand has frequently pictured the way that it is depicted in The Lord of the Rings: As an area with lots of countrysides and plenty of natural areas. However, Auckland is the largest city, and there is a lot going on in the area. Rugby matches are popular at Eden Park and there are a number of wonderful restaurants to visit. If you enjoy wine, jump on the ferry and head over to Waiheke Island to see everything the area has to offer in terms of wineries and more.

2. Cape Town

South Africa isn’t the first country that comes to mind when you are thinking about December sun, but Cape Town definitely has its advantages. There’s no real time difference with respect to the UK and the temperatures stay fairly steady in the winter. In addition, Cape Town is absolutely beautiful and is an area that should be experienced. Be sure to take a look at the Cape Peninsula while you are there.

3. Orlando

Florida is the perfect place to visit in December, as the temperatures typically do not dip below 20C. Orlando has a lot to offer visitors, as it is home to both Walt Disney World and Universal Orlando. Despite the warmer weather, you can still get into the spirit of the season; the theme parks have nightly events where they showcase holiday lights, artificial snow, and other holiday themes.

4. Spain

Europe is famous for its wind and rain during the winter, but Spain is one notable exception. The temperatures stay around 24C. There is a lot to see in this area, including Costa Dorada and Costa Brava. In addition, you can find beautiful white sand beaches in Costa Blanca as well. After heading south, you’ll find Costa de la Luz, Costa del Sol, and Costa de Almeria, all of which provide ample sun for winter weary visitors.

5. Costa Rica

There is so much to see in Costa Rica, including beautiful beaches, lush forests, and bustling towns with bespoke holidays by Tambo Travel. Take advantage of the simple lifestyle and go for walks along the beaches, visit national parks and see the different ecosystems that are present in the area.

6. Perth

While the rest of Europe is dealing with chilly weather, Perth is just as warm as it can be. The temperatures hover around 25C in November, when the sun shines for ten hours each day. It actually warms up heading into December, January and February! There is a lot to do in Perth as well, as surfing is one of the favoured past times. Check out Cottesloe Beach and Scarborough Beach and then go from there on your travels!

7. Jamaica

People from Britain have long seen Jamaica as a desirable winter destination. This island, which is the third largest in the Caribbean, is home to both the Ocho Rios and Montego Bay resorts. The temperatures are usually close to 30C, and if you are looking to travel in the winter, you are in luck; hurricane season ends in November! Jamaica is a great place to plan a vacation if your main goal is to enjoy beautiful sunny weather.

8. Singapore

Many people don’t see Singapore as a viable travel destination, because they simply think of it as a place to change planes while they are on the way to somewhere else. However, it is advisable to give Singapore a second look. It features attractions that are reminiscent of the past while also offering a glimpse into the future with attractions like Gardens by the Bay. There is also a lot of shopping in the area, as well as plenty of hotels and other places for tourists to stay.

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