What Makes A Good Spa?

After a long week at work or even a tiresome day at home, you will want to just get a cool calm place where you can simply relax with no one bothering you. The spa is the perfect definition for this feeling. What happens if you get to the spa and still feel intense?  What happens when the only place you could relax doesn’t satisfy you?

A good spa should be able to offer you maximum relaxation and the utmost peace for the moment.  It is therefore important to know how to choose a good spa that will meet your needs. So, what makes a good spa?

1. The setting of the Spa

The spa is the one place you can go to escape all your troubles and relax as you enjoy a nice massage or a therapeutic dip. This means that the environment should be peaceful, have a positive atmosphere and a nice scent for the client to relax. A good example is a spa in Ayana Resort and spa.

Its spa villas are surrounded by the ocean thereby providing a cool breeze from the ocean, a nice scent from the ocean mist and the sound of the ocean waves rushing ensures the clients experience the utmost calm.

2. Well trained Workers

The staff of a spa should be able to make you relaxed and comfortable. A good spa ensures that all workers are polite, courteous and are able to relate well with the client. Whenever you are uncomfortable or with the workers of the spa, it becomes hard for you to relax while they are working.

In case it is your first time at the spa, how the staff interacts with you even before the treatment should make you more comfortable and relaxed.

3. Facilities and Cleanliness of the spa

Being a place where all body treatments take place, the place should be spick and span to avoid transmission of germs and even skin diseases. The towels or sheets used should also be clean. Any sign of untidiness is a major indicator of the kind of services offered. Even one untidy worker sends a strong message that you wouldn’t want an untidy person touching your body!

Besides massages, the spa should also have other facilities such as therapeutic pools and baths which are well maintained.

4. Good Communication

For any business to be successful, good communication is key. The same applies to the spa, there should be a clear direction of the kind of treatments that will take place and all the processes that will take place. The workers should be able to answer all your questions and also try to modify how they operate to suit your likeness.

In case you like a certain treatment combination better, they should be able to work with it. One of the best spa in bali, Ayana Resort, and Spa will even allow the clients to design their own treatments if they have some knowledge in the art!

5. Types of treatments offered

Human beings have been trying to master the art of relaxation since the beginning of time. This has led to the invention of many different ways in which it can be achieved. A good spa should be able to offer a good blend of both traditional and modern ways of relaxation since some of the ancient healing practices have proven to be timeless and are still effective to this age.

The competence of your therapist to implement these treatments should also be unquestionable. He/ She therapist should be intuitive enough to allow you to relax during the treatment.

6. Reputation

A good spa should maintain a good reputation right from its inception. This reputation assures you that they offer high-quality services and that their legitimacy is proven.


When it comes to your relaxation it is crucial that you are able to choose the best spa. There are many other features that you should consider when choosing a good spa but with the above mentioned, you’re sure of an amazing experience at the spa you choose!

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