What To Do When Your Flight Is Cancelled, Delayed Or Overbooked

Many of us face the problematic situation of missing a flight. No matter if you go for visit your family or just business, it feels really disappointed if you can’t take your flight in time just because airlines have some problems with their flights.

There are a lot of reasons for a flight to be canceled or delayed, natural disasters and poor weather conditions to personal tardiness, airplane problems or change of plans. If it’s a passenger fault, you can’t do much more about it. But if it’s an airline fault or it comes from the travel agency, they need to inform you about what can you do or in other case give you a compensation.

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Here are some tips in case you don’t know what to do if your flight gets canceled:

  • If you are in the airport and know that your flight can be delayed or even canceled, to receive a compensation for it you need to do your check-in on the airline terminal.

  • If a flight has been canceled, go to your airline personal and insist you want a compensation for it, sometimes they don’t want to help you so you need to insist on them. Don’t give up, they have to help you just because the law says that.

  • Don’t you ever accept offers that are not too good like a compensation for your flight. This offers are almost every time pretty bad and can’t help you too much. Airlines are trying to play smart with this.

  • It happens the same thing with the luggage if your luggage gets delayed and you come first to the airport, go to your airline personal and talk to them about it, don’t ever leave the airport without doing this, because you can lose an eventual compensation for it.

  • If you are on a flight with familiars or friends, tell them all to claim the compensation. Each of yours can claim this compensation. Don’t give up just because you are a big group and it will take a lot of time.

In what situations do I receive money as compensation for delayed flights?

There are 3 different scenarios in which you can do that:

  1. Your flight has a delay of 3 hours minimum.

  1. Your flight is canceled altogether.

  1. The flight you were about to take is under overbooking.

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