Which is the Best Time to Visit the British Virgin Islands?

The British Virgin Islands is a dream holiday destination that you cannot miss out on! With its idyllic setting, azure blue skies, lush waves lapping the white sands, tropical gardens – a trip to this land would leave a traveler famished. Hence, opting for bareboat sailing BVI is a great way to explore the depths of these islets.

As a yachtsman’s delight, these series of islands have warm weather year-round and boast of both warm and dry seasons with perfect sailing conditions. Here’s a little more to that!

Below, you will get a complete idea of this domain along with its maritime and climatic conditions that will help you choose the ideal time to bareboat sailing BVI.

The British Virgin Islands – A little more of them!

For all those planning to sail to this side of the world with their specially chartered bareboat BVI sailboat, you must know that this domain has close to 50 islands of which only 16 are inhabited. The rocky terrain is the remnants of volcanic action that took place in this area millions of years ago. The coral features on these add on to the diversity which this domain already possesses.

As a matter of fact, flora and fauna differ in such a manner that at times, the islands which are rocky remnants and those that have dense ranges of tropical plants lapping them cannot be connected. So, whether it is diving or hiking – these islands will leave you wanting for more!

Weather at the BVI

The bareboat charter Caribbean trips have become extremely famous in recent times. Yet, the tropical temperature may be a cause of concern for some. Well, here’re the details!

Temperature range:

The average temperature is at 30-degree Celsius, while the nights are balmy with a range around 23-degree Celsius. This affects the temperature of seas which goes maximum up to 20-degree Celsius.

  • January to July is officially the dry season wherein weather is predictable and brings in blue skies with strong sunshine.
  • March to August is not a good pick-up time courtesy the However, the weather is divine, and skies wait for the fall to begin.
  • December to February – the hat-trick moment – pleasant breezes, sunny skies, minimal rainfall – travellers are in for a yachting treat!


From November to January, wind speed varies within 15-20 knots, and with February coming, it goes to the eastern side. It is generally trading winds that give these bareboat charter Caribbean trips their required gusts!

Hurricane season

Planning to rent a bareboat BVI sailboat for yachting? Well, this sub-tropical area has its official hurricane season from June to November. Though, it’s mostly the surrounding areas that are affected, sailing is strictly stopped in these seasons.

In case you dare to take a chance (the lovely sun is extremely soothing!), charter a vessel having travel insurance. For your information, it is also at this time of the year that you can find a good anchorage and snorkeling spot.

Precisely, the best time to go yachting in BVI

To speak of the best time when you can go yachting, December to May is a good time. With the temperature ranging between 25 and 29 degrees Celsius, low rainfall and soothing nighttime temperature – you are bound to enjoy the best of these islands as you go bareboat sailing BVI.

What’s your itinerary like?

Recreational water activities and water sports are the primary attractions of this Virgin Islands. With snorkeling, kite-surfing, diving being the common activities, you cannot miss out on swimming and sunbathing.

The peak season is about to start! Get your bookings for bareboat sailing BVI done and enjoy a lovely yacht trip to the Caribbean!

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