Why 5 Star Hotels in Bali Offer the Perfect Place for Honeymoon

The exotic and romantic island of Bali is vibrant, sun-kissed and stylish making it ideal for honeymooners. Featuring stunning natural landscapes, a seamless blend of welcoming culture and intriguing architecture, Bali is a destination that is synonymous with pleasure and tranquility. This lush volcanic island is adorned with emerald rice paddies and pristine beaches which are great for relaxation, action and snorkeling opportunities.

Famed for art, craft and carvings couples, Bali is never short of museums, galleries, and daily cultural performances. This ultimate vacation island in Indonesia will pamper you will a plethora of things that will cater to your every sense. These range from a refreshing spa treatment to mouthwatering cuisines to amazing golf sessions among others, Bali is the place to be for your honeymoon.

Here is why Bali offers the perfect place for a honeymoon.

Rejuvenating spa treatment

Bali has become one of the best spa destinations in the world. From the vast array of activities that you and your significant other is to indulge in a morning of soothing massage treatment via using exotic herbs that are accompanied by distinct Balinese touches. Get to enjoy diamond dust facial and hot shell massage while feasting on champagne and strawberries at one of the 5 star hotels in Bali.

Featuring great luxury in sophisticated settings, you and your partner will have so many options to choose from. Therefore, you can truly experience a perfect couple’s getaway in some of the island’s top spas. You can find such spa facilities in a number of top hotels. If you are looking for a distinct Balinese spa experience, try out the AYANA Resort and Spa, Bali which offers a holistic healing treatment.

Bathe and breakfast with the elephants

Get to ride an elephant bareback to the lake where you are allowed to interact, wash, feed and caress your elephant. Once done, you and your significant other are done, you can go ahead to enjoy your gourmet breakfast while watching the elephants dry and also play in the morning sun.

Fine dining experience

Bali’s culinary experience doesn’t stop with the delicious authentic traditional dishes at the island. This experience also completed with the riveting ambiance of some of the most exquisite fine-dining restaurants. In Bali, mouth-watering culinary treats from the Indonesian Archipelago and the island as well as other parts of the world are served with that special type of Indonesian hospitality plus truly captivating ambiance. The AYANA Resort and Spa host 19 of such restaurants within its premise.

Take a private journey to the island’s secluded Eastern Region

Take your significant other for a private spiritual journey in Bali’s secluded Eastern Region. Visit the island’s most sacred temple on the slopes of an active volcano known as the Mother Temple of Besakih. Here, your private guide will explain its importance and origin if you are interested in a little history lesson. Additionally, get to enjoy lunch on one of Bali’s largest plantation.

Go on a shopping spree

A honeymoon trip to Bali would not be complete without shopping experience. When it comes to shopping, the island is indeed legendary because you’ll be spoilt for choice by the vast variety of goods on offer. Similarly, the island also offers a rich array of styles and shopping venues. While shopping in Bali, you will be introduced to a treasure trove of antique and semi-antique furniture, carved jewelry, handicrafts, dyed and woven fabrics, t-shirts, small souvenirs, and fine arts.

With an outstanding reputation as the hub for shopping, Sukawati Art Market is among the best places for you and your partner to go and buy authentic Balinese artwork. If you’re into high-end products and exclusive brands, you will find a bustling shopping scene at Seminyak which features lifestyle brand outlets and exclusive fashion boutiques. They simply have it all, whether ethnic or modern chic clothes.

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