Why Choose India For Yoga Teacher Training?

Summary: Take a step ahead in the journey of yoga and visit the birth land of yoga India to acquire the authentic learning. Explore the blog to know why to choose India for yoga teacher training.

Yoga teacher training is indeed a life-transforming expedition that bestows you with the rooted knowledge of this ancient science of life. The program is an opportunity to face your true-self, to achieve self-awareness, to make a deep-improvement, and to attain a healthy body, mind, and soul. Undergoing a yoga training course anywhere in the world surely imparts all these experiences but choosing India for the same make you fetch more unique and valuable experiences.

India is one fascinating land and is endowed with Rishikesh- world’s yoga capital that makes it the apt place to undergo Yoga teacher training in India. India is a pulsating land of energy, a place where serenity exits along with vibrancy and stillness with sound.

India is a land of thousand colors to which Kiran Millwood Hargrave has said, “India is a place where color is doubly bright. Pinks that scald your eyes, blues you could drown in…” Every aspect of the country makes it even more unique, and there are many convincing reasons that urge you to choose India for yoga teacher training.


1. The Land of Origin

Being the birth land of yoga, the place is perfect for serious and authentic yoga experiences. India offers real and traditional yoga teachings from the roots that are beyond the practice of asanas. There are other limbs of Yoga that together form a complete yogic practice. Yoga is a way of living, and in India, you get rooted in it and attain the profound knowledge of the ancient art.

2. Renowned Ashrams and Schools

India is the hub of the many renowned schools and ashrams that offer a blend of course structure that includes both traditional knowledge and modern teaching curriculum set as per the standards of the globe. Undertaking yoga teacher training in India also make you garner the opportunity to learn from the ancient yogic texts, Upanishads, and other yoga-related scriptures.

3. Abode to Traditional Gurus and Experts

The land of yoga, India is home to a lot of renowned and traditional yoga erudite across the world, who after seeking the in-depth knowledge of the life science impart the same yogic wisdom to others. Most of the renowned schools and centers have experienced, trained, and qualified teachers without whom the yogic expedition becomes complete.

4. Majestic Diverse Terrain

India is the land of diversity and its diverse terrain is something that can leave anyone awestruck. India has everything from beaches to mountains to cascading waterfalls. Ranging from the breathtaking mountain terrains to mesmerizing water bodies, to scintillating beaches, to vast golden desserts, to amazing flora and fauna, India is one blessed country. Visiting here not only enhances your yoga practice and deepens your knowledge but also fills you with tranquillity and satisfies a wandering soul.

5. Charm and Beauty of Melange

Many people visit India every year, carrying along their own perspective. For some India is one of the world’s oldest civilizations, for some, it is about spirituality and magic, for others it is a healing land of Ayurveda and Yoga, and for some, it is about poverty and dirt. India is the land of everything- old, modern, loud, serene, rich, poor, commercial, spiritual, sattvic, sweet, and spicy. The variety of the shades of India is beyond expectation and this melange makes the country more distinctive.

6. Sparks your Spirituality

Even after the exposure of yoga on a heightened level, there are many who still confuse yoga with religion. Yoga practice is a way of awakening inner-spirituality and to form a deeper connection with the universal consciousness. India is considered as the divine land that makes the journey towards spirituality more delightful.

7. Full Immersion

Defining such an enigmatic country goes beyond the words, and learning yoga on such a land make you immerse into the practice fully and completely. Going deep into the roots of the country, you find India is the confluence of many things- culture, religion, language, tradition, etc., and all this together gives you an unexplainable experience that forms a deep energetic connection with the self.

8. Ayurveda for the Good Life

Ayurveda is the ancient healing science, a preventative system of medication, and sister philosophy of yoga. Developed thousands of years ago in India, Ayurveda is helping us in preventing and curing ailments and offers interventions to form the body and mind balance. Visiting India and learning about Ayurveda compliments your learning of the yoga.

9. Places with legacy

The country boasts many traditional places with yogic legacy. To commence the voyage of transformation, you can opt for Kerala to study Ayurveda, Dharamshala to practice in the lap of Himalayas, Mysore to consider for Ashtanga practice, Goa for the love of beaches, or can enroll for 200 Hour yoga teacher training in Rishikesh — the yoga capital of the globe.

10. India is Cost-effective

India is an affordable country and spending a month or two on this yogic land for YTT won’t break your bank. Make sure to choose an all-inclusive course and you can enjoy the food, traveling, shopping, etc., at a comparatively lower cost.

Yoga is a way of life; it is a journey which is equally pleasing and fulfilling as its destination. And to commence the yogic expedition, no place is better than the place of its origin.

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