Why is Kerala the Best Destination in India?

Holidays, one of the most exciting and elating time of an individual’s life. Not everyone plans an outstation holidays every year and rarely gets the chance to step out and enjoy. Therefore, everyone wants their holidays to be perfect, adventurous, exciting and motivating. So this could be the time one can connect to nature and make his dream holiday come true. Kerala is considered as “Gods own country” as it is a place where the individual is closest to nature and can the experience of various natural scenic beauties that could not be enjoyed in any other metropolitan state. One can easily find mental peace and can take a break from the fast pacing city life in the state which is considered “mother nature’s lap“. There are various reasons why buying Kerala tour packages are worth it.

1. Beaches and Waterfront:

Whether it is a romantic couple holiday or an exciting family vacations or an adventure trip with friends, people always spend quality time at beaches and enjoy the sun and water. A couple can spend an evening watching the breath-taking beauty of sun diving into the waters. Beaches are the best place to relax on the last day of an exciting and tiring trip and can bring a perfect end to a holiday.

2. Mountains:

Kerala also has some awesome mountains where one can get the feeling of the hill station and can enjoy the scenic beauty of nature. Nothing can match the excitement of climbing a mountain just to enjoy the most breath-taking moment of sunset. These are just the start of the heavenly experience under Kerala Tour Packages

3. Water Bodies:

There are various rivers and lakes in Kerala that makes it a complete package of all the elements, land, sea and sky. One can enjoy the lifetime experience of various water sports like rafting, parasailing, scuba diving and a lot more which are included in Kerala tour packages. This makes it a perfect destination for an adventure trip.

4. Amazing Food:

One of the best perquisites of traveling to South India is the different variety of cuisine and culture. One gets to taste the different types of seafood, sweets, curry, and various dishes. The state offers so many varieties that a person can’t even taste them all in a month. Their major ingredient is coconut and uses different vegetables and spices to make the mouth-watering food.

5. Cultural Beauty:

Kerala has an entirely different cultural background and has various cultural activities. One can get to enjoy the diverse festival celebration as they are the lovers of art, dance, drama, and music. There is a blend of relic beauty in their art and culture.

These are certain reasons why Kerala is the best tourist destination in India as one can gets to know a different culture and relax and enjoy the adventure and beauty of this God’s own country.

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