Your travel guide for Almeria is here – Select the best

So you’re in Spain and looking for a place to stay?

Haven’t planned your trip yet?

Well, in that case, fear not, for we have the perfect Almeria Spain hotels ready for you! Almeria is filled with hotels and other things to do so you don’t have to worry how this trip will go for you.

Based on the number of days you are to stay in Almeria, there are a number of things you can spend your time doing, like lounging at the Cabogata Garden. Cabogata Garden is a spa hotel that you can relax in and find some comfort and entertainment away from your daily busy lives.

A four-star beauty, it is situated near Cabo de Gata National Park that is an excellent getaway to if you want to get lost in the charms of the forest and wildlife. The hotel has exclusive activities primarily for the entertainment of the guests so that they can have some alone time away from the busyness of their lives. They can lounge near the swimming pool, take in the Spanish sun, find solace in the solarium terraces, play at the sports facilities and of course, relax at the spa!

And yet, that’s not all. Instead of at Cabogata Garden, you can also lounge at the Zapillo beach and bask in the beauty of the Spanish sun. There are many other sites to visit in Almeria as well, most of which are not that far away from the Almeria Spain hotels. One of the most popular ones of them is the Almeria Cathedral. It is a real beauty to behold and was built in the 16th century partly as a defensive fort.

The Port of Almeria is a nice place to visit if you’d like to check out more of its trading centers. The port is a quite busy ferry-port.

The Civil War Shelters of Almeria are a bunch of subterranean system of concrete air-raid shelters that were used during the Civil War to protect the people from bombs. These sites are now available for tours, along with the Museum of Almeria and the Alcazaba of Almeria. So if you’re ever there, take a look at all of these things.

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