An enjoyable Tuscany Italy travel

Tuscany having the regional capital of Florence is a very famous tourist destination located in Italy. It is extremely famous for its tourist spots, wines, landscapes, museums, a legacy of some wonderful artists, its history and most importantly for its influential high culture. The region has a strong cultural identity as well as a linguistic one.

Tuscany is named as the art palace of Italy because of its unique watercolor and artistic legacy.

Famous places to visit

The tours of Tuscany include paying a visit to the listed below popular monuments and architectures of Tuscany in Italy.

  • Florence; located in the core of the region, this city is known for its renaissance architecture along with the art centers having some amazing museums and domes.
  • Siena; is a hill town of classic medieval and is famous for horse race conducted annually in the summer season. It is also known for the piazza Del campo, bestridden by the Torre del Mangia, the bell tower.
  • The leaning tower of Pisa; a must climbed monument for the visitors and perfect for overviewing and admiring the cathedral. Also, it is known for its treatment of the delicious local delicacy surrounding the monument.
  • Lucca; those going for fun tours in Tuscany must visit this city. The cobblestone streets, the historic cathedrals, the renaissance era wall, the operas, and the high towers are a sight to witness.
  • Chianti classic wine region; an interestingly large area with picturesque villages and fine wineries.
  • Montepulciano; is a walled city of Tuscany and is built on a narrow ridge of limestone. It is famous for its impressive renaissance buildings and beautiful main squares
  • Montecatini Terme; famous for thermal waters, the town is largely known as a spa town. These well lavished and exotically classic spas are extremely pleasing and relaxing.

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