The RetraStrap – A New Way to Travel with a Carry-On Luggage

So you are traveling with carry-on luggage? Great! Now you have to do everything with a single hand and look after your carry-on like a little child requiring constant attention.

A new product – a retractable strap – lets you pull your carry-on luggage using your torso instead of pulling by hand. The RetraStrap frees your hands so you can hold other items, do other things as simple as reaching to your pocket or scratching your head, push a cart or a stroller, carry other bags, hold a cup of coffee or simply relax your arm muscles and joints from the constant pulling.

The RetraStrap is easy to use, once attached to your luggage handle and adjusted to your height, all you have to do is grab the shoulder pad, pull it out and wear around your opposite shoulder like any crossbody bag. Thanks to its retractable mechanism, you don’t need to worry about a strap being tangled, dragging behind you or worry about tucking it away. It takes two seconds to wear or remove.

We tested the RetraStrap on first-timers, and it was obvious that most users thought the bag was either empty or had much less weight than it appears. That’s because pulling the weight with the torso (which is the largest muscle mass of the body) is much easier compared to pulling with a twisted arm.

Many people thought that it would feel awkward or uncomfortable to pull a bag behind using a strap worn over your body. However, once users tested the RetraStrap they realized how the bag behaves exactly as if pulled by hand, the ease of maneuverability around objects was the same as well. Think of it as a hybrid between a wheeled carry on and a shoulder bag.

Another benefit of the RetraStrap is the anti-theft and anti-forgetting characteristics. Keeping the bag physically attached to you makes it harder on thieves to grab your luggage when you’re not looking.

The RetraStrap was launched on Kickstarter in 2018 and it was fully funded on its first day. It’s been getting good reviews on Amazon as people are starting to realize its practicality.

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